See the Unseen

Infrared Thermal Imaging

While Infrared Radiation (IR) is generally invisible to the human eye, its presence is important and very telling. A motor, bearing, or other vital operational component can’t tell you it’s about to malfunction, but the IR it emits can give you the clue that’s key to preventing catastrophic failure. Our EPIC Thermal Imaging capabilities enable you to detect IR’s temperature-related presence and pinpoint its location – even from a distance.

Know What to Expect

Infrared Inspections tell you a lot about what’s working well and what needs attention soon. That advance knowledge is priceless.

Be Proactive

Use Infrared in Predictive Maintenance plans. Prioritize potential problems and avoid unplanned downtime. 

Track Facility Health Over Time

Each Inspection gives insight into what is normal and what is not. Get to know your operation in a whole new way. 

A Service Tailored To You

Infrared Thermography is a very reliable, safe and repeatable form of inspection. Whether you’re thinking about having a single inspection to address a particular problem or setting up a maintenance plan for the long haul let’s talk about your options.

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Picking The Right Time

Being able to perform inspections during normal operating hours is more efficient and can provide a more accurate picture of maintenance needs.

Eye On The Drone

Drones let you stay out of the danger zone while collecting the data you need. In this photo, Dustin has picked a good location to pilot from while performing the inspection.

Aggregate Processing Facility

Gearing up for an inspection of crushers, conveyors and screens. Generally we start from the primary crusher and work our way forward.

Night Time Operation

Night time provides very good conditions for certain infrared inspections. We have a Part 107 waiver and specially trained crew for safe night time missions.

Coal Silo and a Conveyor Inspection

Infrared inspections can help keep the lights on. This coal processing plant is benefiting from an aerial thermal inspection.

Power Lines

Inspecting substations and transmission lines for a local utility. A potentially serious problem was identified during the inspection. Management was alerted immediately and was able to address the situation.

Hot Connection

With Thermography, it’s all about finding that “one thing”. Most connections that you look at are fairly uninteresting, but there’s a certain rush that you feel when you see something like this. This connection at a substation looked normal to the eye but completely different with the camera.

Conveyor Inspection

The line running down the length of this conveyor belt is an area where the skirt is in contact with it. Additional heat means energy loss and shortens the life of the belt.

Hot Gear Box

This is a gearbox at a quarry. You can see that it's running hot and at this temperature the oil will begin to break down causing extra wear.

Hot Motor

We found this motor at a quarry. The internal windings are overheated causing damage to the insulation. The problem could be an undersized motor or other stresses increasing the load on it.

Inspecting Rotary Kilns

We performed an inspection on rotary kilns at a lightweight aggregate facility. The purpose was to find insulation failures.

Clog in Pipe

There is a possible clog in this air pipe at an aggregate fine grind plant.

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