3D Mapping Service

It’s been said what can’t be measured, can’t be improved. 3D imagery is about the ability to measure and calculate on a whole different level. Lifting your site or equipment and putting it in the digital world delivers very measurable benefits.

First, you gain the ability to make complex calculations without being near an operation, and with it, increased safety and reduced downtime.  Second, a single person or team can work on multiple sites per day – even sites hundreds of miles apart, saving time and resources. Third, changes and progress are easier to accurately track over time. Fourth, better communication. 

Since we live in a 3D world, we relate well to information presented in all 3 dimensions, which can hugely and positively impact your company’s image.

Thermal Inspections

ABILITY TO SEE THE UNSEEN.  While Infrared Radiation (IR) is generally invisible to the human eye, its presence is important and very telling. A motor, bearing, or other vital operational component can’t tell you it’s about to malfunction, but the IR it emits can give you the clue that’s key to preventing catastrophic failure. Our EPIC Thermal Imaging capabilities enable you to detect IR’s temperature-related presence and pinpoint its location – even from a distance.

3D Laser Scanning

COVER MORE AREAS, MORE ACCURATELY. It’s a winning combination: Your coverage capabilities are increased by drone mobility, while EPIC Laser Scanning increases the critically important accuracy of your building and component measurements. For Building Information Modeling (BIM), accuracy equals success, and EPIC Laser Scanning successfully delivers accuracy within ± 1 mm


Corrosion and contamination cost businesses billions of dollars every year. EPIC is proud to be working with Enviropeel to protect your investment and extend the life of valuable components.

Training Services

Integrating well with national airspace requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. Our training programs are designed to provide a good balance of the essential knowledge base necessary for certification, coupled with hands on training to gain valuable experience. The course is 5 days of intensive training that will give you or your team the confidence to pass the Part 107 test and start using your drone commercially.


Top 5 questions with their answers

Everything above absolute zero emits infrared radiation. As load increases or components wear, out their temperature invariably goes up. The list of problems that can be found is long but here are some main things that we look for in mechanical systems, building envelops and electrical substations:
  1. Overheated motors 
  2. Worn bearings 
  3. Portions of the structure in contact with a conveyor belt 
  4. Seized idlers 
  5. Loose electrical connections
  6. Overheated phase conductors
  7. Failed lightning arresters 
  8. Cooling fin malfunctions
  9. Refractory breakdown 
  10. Moisture intrusion
  11. Insulation deficiencies 
Infrared thermography is a quick, noninvasive and nondestructive test to tell you where potential problems are which can then be addressed in a timely fashion. This is not an exhaustive list. We are always happy to hear new ideas and explore other possibilities. 

The answer is both yes and no. An infrared camera tells you what the apparent surface temperature of an object is. It is not able to look below the surface. The kind of material being looked at matters as well, but most industrial machinery that has a painted or oxidized surface are good emitters of infrared radiation and provide a very close to exact temperature. Being able to interpret thermograms requires training and is an important part of being a certified thermographer.

That depends on the specific facility. Data collection for a medium-sized processing plant or electrical substation can typically be completed in a day. Problem areas can be flagged at the time of the inspection and more detailed reports are compiled shortly thereafter. 

We communicate any major problems that are identified immediately. More detailed reports can be expected within 2-3 business days. 

Yes. Stockpile inventory is just one aspect of what you get with any of our mapping packages. We give you the ability to mark piles and enter densities yourself or if you prefer, we can do those steps for you. However, the benefits of 3D mapping extend far beyond measuring stockpiles. 

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