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At EPIC® Imaging Consultants, we do more than diagnose problems, we find solutions. That’s why we are proud to be offering a full line of Perma Automatic Lubricators.

Upgrade Maintenance With Automatic Lubrication

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Why It Matters

Improper lubrication is a leading cause of component failure. Having a constant renewal of the lubricating film during operation ensures equipment availability and reduces costly down time. At the same time, less employee resources need to be allocated for lubrication thereby freeing up workers for other essential tasks. Decreasing the amount of time workers need to be in dangerous areas, effectively decreases workplace hazards and accidents. 

A bearing overheating on a crusher

How It Works

Once installed, Perma auto lubricators ensure that bearings and moving parts are receiving optimal lubrication. On average, lubrication points are then serviced once every six months.

Where It Is Used

Perma auto lubricators are being used in all different industrial applications including mining, quarrying, refining, power generation. 

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Why Choose Perma?

With over a 50 years of experience, Perma is known for innovative lubrication solutions. Single and multi-point lubrication systems from perma can be found in all types of industries and applications everywhere in the world. It is the leader of single-point lubrication systems and supplies more single-point lubrication systems than any other manufacturer worldwide.

Installing perma Lubricators

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Perma Automatic Lubricators

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Perma Automatic Lubricators

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