Enviropeel is a protective coating. It’s similar to an anti-corrosion paint but creates a thick impermeable barrier against contaminants. At the same time slow release anti-corrosion oils protect components from corrosion. 



Enviropeel protects bearings and other moving parts from material ingress, a crucial step in preventative maintenance. 


Built in corrosion inhibitors preserve the integrity of in-production or mothballed parts and components. 


Enviropeel coatings provide a substantial increase in bearing lifespan when compared to unprotected equipment. Protecting and preserving valuable assets means you can postpone replacement and failures.  


A Smart Solution

Enviropeel is ideally suited to provide protection in all environments. Its ability to provide passive protection through an impermeable perfectly-fitting plastic barrier, coupled with the active protection of corrosion-inhibiting oils gives it incredible protective powers

Four Simple Steps

Four simple steps to improved bearing life and performance. 

Step one of Enviropeel

The surface is blown off so that it is clean and dry. 

Step two of Enviropeel

One coat is evenly applied to the surface. 

Step three of Enviropeel

A second coat is applied as needed 

Step four of Enviropeel

Any rotating parts are coated and will turn inside the Enviropeel

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Why We Use Enviropeel

Enviropeel is used by the mining and oil and gas industries offshore and onshore, on flanges and valves in Asia, Europe and North America. Applications for power supply companies in the UK are preventing damage from water ingress and, in Australia, Enviropeel is specified for major mining companies, where its use on conveyor systems has increased equipment lifecycles.

Its environmentally-friendly credentials attracted the US Coastguard for bolt protection on their vessels and its ability to protect in ocean-going environments has been successfully applied to exposed pipework on LPG tankers. 

Enviropeel has undertaken a variety of tests, both in the lab and in the field, that show how well it performs. In-house and 3rd party ASTM B117 hot salt fog testing lasting more than a year showed that areas within the Enviropeel protection zone stayed in perfect condition and other tests, including cryogenic, accelerated UV pinhole and film integrity testing, have shown outstanding corrosion protection in a variety of aggressive environments. 

Following successful testing on rusting flanges in the North Sea, Enviropeel has been approved by Shell for maintenance applications on corroded substrates.

In short, it’s time tested and it works. Talk to us about how you can put it to work in your operation. 

I-beam protective coating

A technician applies Enviropeel to the base of a support beam. Enviropeel creates a moisture free encapsulation. It also contains slow release, corrosion inhibiting oils to stop corrosion at its’ source. 

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