Eliminate the Risk

Top Flight Safety for Challenging Applications

Meet Elios, our Confined Spaces Drone

Elios drone is designed for indoor inspection. Discover the first collision-tolerant drone. Built to operate a safer exploration of confined spaces.

Improve Safety

By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environments, Elios prevents the need for workers to enter hazardous places or face dangerous situations.

Reduce Downtime

Elios is deployed and ready to gather visuals within a minute. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.

Lower Cost

Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. Elios gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.

Eliminating the Risk with the Use of Drones

At EPIC we are committed to maintaining peak safety. Using drones can eliminate very real hazards typical of confined spaces and high energy transmission lines. Safer inspections, at a fraction of the cost is our gold standard.  

Live Wire Inspections

Inspecting transmission lines comes with a high level of risk. Utilizing drones for visual and thermal inspections is one important step towards mitigating that risk.

Improve Safety

Keep workers out of harms’ way through remote sensing.


Avoid Malfunctions

Find problems before they become costly shut downs. 


Reduce Emergencies

Predictive maintenance is productive. Stay ahead of the curve with visual and thermal inspections. 

Use Cases

Coal Silo

Using ELIOS to inspect the interior of coal silos is simple and safe. No confined space permits are required with minimal risk to workers

Power Lines

Flying near transmission lines and substations is a challenging flight environment. Proper training and equipment increases safety of inspections and maximizes valuable data collection.