Recent Projects

Making Measurements

Just one map contains multiple layers of information. If you need to check elevations, take measurements or plan for expansion mapping is a an important tool.

3D Maps provide layers of information
Layers on the map

Mapping Job

When it comes to mapping, you have lots of options. There’s a variety of drones and cameras that will do the job. This is one of our mapping setups. The Inspire 2 provides good battery life and excellent ground sampling distance (GSD).

Inspire 2 Coming In for a Landing

The Right Weather for the Job

Sometimes you just get the perfect day and this was one of them. When you’re looking at the infrared world a nice cloudy day is great. It’s not just about the temperature being pleasant and making our job fun (that’s a bonus) It’s really about the kind of data you can get.


Without direct sunlight, detecting thermal anomalies becomes much easier and you’re less likely to end up with skewed results. Of course, inspections can be done on a sunny day as well but it’s good to know that weather is a very important consideration with this line of work.

Piloting The M600 At a Coal Mine

Confined Space Inspection

In this photo we were heading for the coal silo you can see to the far right. A confined space inspection can be a very tricky safety and legal issue. Sending in a drone increases safety while seriously reducing paper work and man hours.

Lifting The DV7 Drone Around an Obstacle

Coal Silo and a Conveyor Inspection

True story: With a drone it takes about 30 seconds to look at a motor 90 feet in the air. It takes all of 15 minutes to get there on foot.

The Matrice 600 With Infrared Camera

Plant Inspection Completed

Another successful flight and infrared inspection.

Mission Accomplished

Preparing for Takeoff

When you’ve done all your preflight checks and your plan is in place it’s time to get after it and collect some data!


Landing Time

A successful day of thermal inspections. This job required a reschedule because of the wind. Sometimes waiting is the safest thing you can do and we’re proud of our pilots for being able to make that call!

Bringing it Home

Line of Sight

Maintaining line of sight with the drone is one of our top priorities. It’s a matter of safety and it’s a matter of achieving the greatest image quality during an inspection. When you start losing quality you start missing important information.


Fine Grind Plant

This job provided a good bit of technical flying. Working as a team can relieve some of the pressure. Having someone work as a visual observer and to keep track of what’s been inspected and what needs to be inspected is huge.

Tight Spaces

Making Contact

Here’s an example of something that is easy to miss. This conveyor was running, not under load, but you can see the line where the belt is in contact with part of the structure. It’s a nice example of how little things can add up to huge energy losses and additional wear.

Belt Wear

Hot Connection

With Thermography, it’s all about finding that “one thing”. Most connections that you look at are fairly uninteresting, but there’s a certain rush that you feel when you see something like this. This connection at a substation looked normal to the eye but completely different with the camera.

Hot Connection

Part 107 Training

Here’s a photo from the EPIC ground school course. The purpose of the course was to help these linemen pass their Part 107 certification test. They all passed with flying colors!

Classroom Time

Substation Inspection

Performing an aerial infrared inspection of a substation. It was a great day for it!

Eye on the Drone

The Software Side of Things

We’re always working to stay ahead of the curve. So as new software and hardware comes out it takes time to analyze it and see what will be a good fit for our company and provide value for our customers.

Photogrammetry software
Working Behind The Scenes

3D Laser Scanning Project

This Capital had seen some serious wear and tear. The purpose of the scan was to create a 3D rendering which could then be recreated with a CNC machine.

3D laser scanning
3D Laser Scanned Pillar Capital