Who Are We?

Our Company

EPIC is a blending of two backgrounds, Aviation and Materials Handling.

Created in 2016, it addresses the growing need to integrate UAS Technology with industrial applications. Having a long running partnership with the mining industry and a well-established relationship with the FAA, puts us in a prime position to serve our customers. 


3D Mapping • Wildlife Surveys • Crop Inspections • Grain Storage and Processing Inspections

Petro Chemical

Production • Storage • Transportation


Manufacturing facilities • Building Inspections • Mining and Mineral Processing • Power Generation and Transmission


3D Mapping • Project Tracking • Material and Process Management • Stockpile Volume Calculations

Our Mission

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. The power for growth, productivity and safety.

 At EPIC, our goal isn’t limited to providing knowledge or data. We also want information to be accurate, relevant and useable. Inspections with real-time benefits coupled with reports that show overall trends. 3D maps and models that are interactive and adaptable, enabling details to work in concert with the big picture, and generating Improvement. We focus on providing a change in perspective that will Inspire fresh ideas and fresh results. That’s our goal. That’s EPIC.

Our History

While officially starting in 2016, EPIC Imaging Consultants has roots that go deeper. 

Thirty years ago, two brothers formed Belt Tech Industrial, serving the mining Industry. Now that business has grown and expanded, and EPIC is part of that expansion. Seeing the needs of our customer, EPIC was created to be able to fill those needs in a unique way. 

Working along with Belt Tech Industrial, we can now use advanced technology to  streamline processes that are working well and rethink areas that could use improvement. 

The more our customers utilize these advancements, the more it generates new ideas. We really feel like the sky is the limit and what we are seeing in the way of UAS integration is just the beginning. 

Our Team

A Company is only as great as its team. Having the right people is more important to us than just filling a role. If we find someone that fits with our Company Culture, we will make a place for them and work hard to keep them. We are proud of our EPIC team.

EPIC Imaging Consultants Owner

Chris K / Co-Owner & President

With a background in aviation and years spent with the mining industry, Chris has the necessary skills to provide direction for the company while keeping the big picture in view. He is a licensed pilot and thermographer, thoroughly researches new products and opportunities and keeps the team running smoothly.

Jordan R / Co-Owner

As CEO of Belt Tech Industrial, Jordan played a key role in the establishment of EPIC Imaging Consultants. With second generation experience in materials handling, he provides valuable insight into the needs of the mining industry. With a mind for innovation and an eye on the future he helps us stay ahead of the curve.

Chief Pilot EPIC Imaging Consultants

Liam S / Chief Pilot

As a Certified Thermographer and a Certified UAS Pilot, Liam has been with the company since its inception. He has years of experience using a wide range of UAS platforms and cameras in a variety of weather conditions and locations. As our Chief Pilot, he also heads up our training programs, and is part of our Marketing team.

Dustin W / Pilot & CAD Technician

Working as a Belt Crew Boss for years with Belt Tech Industrial, Dustin joined the EPIC family as our lead CAD designer and remote pilot. His knowledge of the equipment he inspects and his ability to work with complex computer programs are just a few of the things that make him so valuable to the team.

Jennifer S / Marketing

As head of our Marketing and Branding Team, she is responsible for making us look good from the design of our website to the company clothes that we wear. She is also a UAS Pilot, works as tech support and is the director of photography and videography.

Jeremy H / VP Business Development

As a real people person, Jeremy is a key player in developing our relationships with customers and understanding what they need. He takes an active interest in each project from start to finish and ensures that the quality of our finished product meets or exceeds expectations.

Pilot and Technician

Owen C / Pilot and Infrared Technician

With 15 years of experience working for Belt Tech Industrial, Owen knows the ins and outs of the conveyor world. He specializes in thermal inspections, as he knows exactly what can go wrong with a system and how to fix it.

Our Core Values

EPIC is not just a business, it’s a family. It’s a place where our core values motivate everything we do.






Technology, hardware and software continue to change, but our Core Values remain consistent.