3D Mapping Service

What can’t be measured, can’t be improved. 3D imagery is about the ability to measure and calculate on a whole different level. Lifting your site or equipment and putting it in the digital world means that even when you’re working remotely, you’re not disconnected 

Benefit #1

You gain the ability to make complex calculations without being near an operation, and with it, increased safety and reduced downtime. 

Benefit #2

 A single person or team can work on multiple sites per day-even sites hundreds of miles apart, saving time and resources.

Benefit #3

Changes and progress are easier to accurately track over time.


A Service Tailored To You

Mapping plans are completely customizable and scalable so as your company grows, it grows with you. Whether it’s end of the year stockpile measurements or a full scale expansion project that’s coming up let’s talk about your options.

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Stock Pile Inventory

Measuring stockpiles using photogrammetry is becoming the new industry standard. By using ground control points we increase accuracy. Using the Propeller platform is intuitive and our customers report they are amazed at how much they can do with a 3D map.

Corn Field

A construction company hired us to create this map. The turn-around time was 24 hours start to finish and allowed the contractor to access valuable planning data with very little wait time.

Dredging Operation

Stripping projects come in all different shapes and sizes. For this dredging operation, we did three flights (beginning, middle, end) to track the amount of material that was dredged. The data that was collected made for good communication between the facility and the contractor.

New Site Planning

Three Flights provided survey grade accuracy for this new sand plant installation. Since the maps are cloud based collaboration was a breeze and the project went off without a hitch.

Waste Management Tracking

Waste management is often out of sight and out of mind. We have been happy to provide yearly survey grade flights for this facility. The data is calibrated to their local coordinate system making it a valuable asset for their engineers.

Stockpile Measurements

This was a very important inventory flight. The quarry was changing hands and having an accurate survey was essential for a smooth transfer to the new owners.

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