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3D Laser Scanning

Drones are awesome, but sometimes you need solutions that are based on solid ground. For Building Information Modeling (BIM), accuracy is a non negotiable need, and EPIC Laser Scanning successfully delivers accuracy within ± 1 mm.

Reduce Time

No need for an outside source traveling to physically measure your project area-your onsite engineer can now scan the existing site and equipment.

Reduce Material Waste

EPIC Laser Scanning eliminates human error and the wasted materials associated with inaccuracy.

Reduce Manual Entry

The data from the Laser Scan transfers to the CAD device.


A Service Tailored To You

With EPIC Laser Scanning, count on accuracy in any of the challenging conditions associated with your project. Whether your job site exterior is dry and dusty, humid, shrouded in fog, rain-drenched, or sun-blazed – or the site’s interior is dark and narrow, you can expect quality HD photo resolution and detailed data.

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Fire Place

This facility is creating a new lounge area for students. The project involves taking two existing fireplace designs and combining them to create a new one.

Laser scanning an existing fireplace
Laser Scanning a fireplace
This picture shows drawings created from scanning

Screen Tower Scan

This site is looking to do a remodel where their old screen is. Now they know exactly how much space they have to work with.

Underground Scan

This underground scan helped the customer get an accurate topo of that level of the mine to see where water would go when flooded.


A 3D Laser Scan gave the customer a file so that it could be used in their CNC machine to carve out this structure.

Belt Stand Scan

Having 3D replicas of frequently used equipment simplifies repairs and replacements

Winder Scan

This piece of custom machinery was able to be reverse engineered for the customer through laser scanning. The equipment can now be remanufactured at other locations while keeping the integrity and functionality of the original product.

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