Thermography allows you to see what is otherwise invisible. It can spot problems, save time and resources or even just provide peace of mind. Thermographic images are compiled into reports and promptly emailed to you.

Municipal Utility Sub-Station

Conveyor Belt Idler Junction Failure

High Elevation Bucket Elevator Drive

3D Laser Scanning

It’s a winning combination: Your coverage capabilities are increased by drone mobility, while EPIC Laser Scanning increases the critically important accuracy of your building and component measurements. For Building Information Modeling (BIM), accuracy equals success, and EPIC Laser Scanning successfully delivers accuracy withing ±1mm.

The Benefits of 3D Mapping

3D Mapping can cover hundreds of acres and let you interact with your property in a whole new way. With our software, hundreds of photos are consolidated into a seamless model that can be used to design, measure and plan or even be uploaded to your website

Site Intelligence for Construction Projects

EPIC Imaging Consultants, in partnership with Propeller, helps civil contractors use drones to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets.